August 24, 2015

Medusa's Bloodthirst

“Medusa's Bloodthirst” is a turn-based, puzzle-like, top-down, rouge-like dungeon crawler.


Date: August 21st-24th (Ludum Dare 33)
Duration: 1 day
Team Size: 3 people
Technology: Unity 5, C#
Constraints: You are the Monster. (Theme)

Gameplay Video



Medusa can turn enemies into stone.

Medusa can turn enemies into stone.


This Mobile Game was created during the Ludum Dare 33. We were a team of three, and I was mainly responsible for the Procedural Level Generator.



Medusa can eat princesses.

Medusa can eat princesses.

The player is playing Medusa and can turn everyone into a stone statue by direct eye contact. It is a turn-based, puzzle-like, high score based game, in which the player is trying to proceed through unlimited stages to gain points. Each destroyed stone statue, each eaten princess, and each completed stage will reward the player with several points. This game is designed and runs perfectly well on mobile devices.

>>To play the game: Click HERE!<< (Chrome browser is not supported.)

>>For more information: Click HERE!<<


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