Industry Expertise

Game engines: Unreal Engine, Unity

Scripting: C#, JavaScript,
UE4 Visual Blueprint Scripting

Adobe CC: Photoshop, InDesign,
Premiere, After Effects

Audio: Ableton Live

CAD: 3D Studio Max, Maya

Texturing: Substance Designer, Substance Painter

Other: Atlassian, MS Cloud Services, Tableau Software

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When I am not dancing Lindy hop or climbing up a wall, I enjoy to create stuff and to educate myself. I believe that most knowledge can be shared and applied across a high variety of tasks. Therefore, it is useful to keep an open mindset for all kinds of different professions.

I have also designed soundtracks for my games and have been playing the guitar in a band.

Please, feel free to browse through some of my hobby projects.


Currently working on an unannounced AAA project.

Before that, I have been working on features for Comanche and Dreadnought and took them through full development cycle from high-level design to shippable quality.

I am knowledgeable in most areas of game development and am always curious about trending technologies.

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